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Affordable Elegance: FLEXSTONE to the Rescue!

You want something that looks a bit fancier than a standard surround but it’s not time to create your dream bathroom, what do you do?

FLEXSTONE is a great middle ground option!

We recently had a client in this exact situation! They wanted something more than a standard white surround but this wasn’t the bathroom to make into their dream bathroom. Here comes FLEXSTONE to the rescue! With over 20 color variations to select from, they were able to easily find one they liked!

Also, we found ourselves with a shower stall space meant for standard size materials from decades ago. Another perk for using FLEXSTONE is the material comes in sheets and the installer can custom cut to fit! This allowed us to minimize the expense of modifying the shower stall space. Mattering your circumstance, using a product like this can become a budget saver!  

For some of you, I bet you’re wondering are there any products out there similar to this but have a tile look? Yes, yes there are!

Sentrel is the parent company of Flexstone (I think, they have the same address and I believe it’s the same overall company). They have some options on their website where it’s the same color profile with the surround pressed with lines to give that tile look.

If you’re not wanting to break the bank with a custom tile bathroom and want something more than a standard white surround, FLEXSTONE is a great option!

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