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Join Our Team!

Are you tired of being STRESSED OUT because you're looking for ways to make extra cash during the "Slow" months?

We are looking for individuals who share our values and are interested in being part of the construction industry!  There are consistent hours regardless of the time of year, no forced overtime, and weekends off!

There are clear expectations on what is needed from you each and every day.

Are you tired of working around idiots and carrying them on your shoulders? We do believe in second chances and helping individuals develop but we will NOT TOLERATE an unwillingness to work and those who can not carry their own weight.


Why should you wait another minute to start your career with MWRR? This is NOT a job, it's a CAREER. You'll have consistent hours, performance pay (MWRR RDP), and be surrounded by individuals who strive for excellence!


You will be eligible to earn RDP during from Day 1! Our performance pay system is based on completing the job in or quicker than the budgeted amount of time for the job. On average, performance pay earned equals out to meaning an additional $3 to $8 per hour for time worked on that job.

Apply Today!

1. Complete the Google Form Application

2. Complete the HireBus Survery 

3. Shoot us an email at, letting us know you're interested being part of our team!

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