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In 2003, Matt came to Muncie to study Entrepreneurship at Ball Sate University. While getting his degree in entrepreneurship, he bought his first property. Then he bought the property in front of that one and the one behind it. This is how he got his hands on experience demoing everything down to the studs and essentially rebuilding houses.


After he graduated, his passion for rehabilitating broken and abandon properties grew. He focused his efforts on helping revitalize and stabilize a neighborhood on the south side of Muncie. During this time he took a property from the unsafe housing list, restored it, and sold it. During this stage it was just him and a helper.

In 2018, he had his first child. With the work load and commitments he had, he could only be home for a short time after birth. He knew a change had to be made! Starting in the fall of 2018, my entrepreneurship degree got put to use to expand my team...

Matt Weyand Repairs & Renovations LLC was born!

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