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Bathroom Remodels

If you're looking to update your bathroom to modern times, convert your tub to a shower, or create the bathroom of your dreams, we can do that!

$12k - $15k

If you're wanting to freshen up the tub/surround space by installing  a new tub or shower and surround, faucet set, vinyl plank flooring, paint, new fixtures, etc, you'll typically fall in this range

$15k - $18k

If you're wanting to start implementing some tile work or use a surround system that looks more like stone, you'll typically fall in this range


If you're wanting custom tile work and/or fixtures are needing to be relocated, have a tub and shower area, you'll typically fall in this range

Full Home Renovations

If it's time for reality to match your dreams! Maybe you bought a fixer upper and it's time to get some of your free time back. That tenant decided to thank you for providing them a safe home to live in by destroying it! Regardless, of the situation we can transform your space to match your vision!


It's really difficult to provide a universal general ballpark for a full home renovation since these projects are made up of a variety of a bunch of standalone project types. Feel free to reach out with the general vision and we can provide a ballpark that way. Or check out the general ballparks given throughout are services to get an idea on potential costs.

Kitchen Remodel

Are your doors falling off your cabinets? Tired of not being able to sit anything under the sink because the bottom is rotted out? Are you going to scream if you have to stare at that rose backsplash tile for another minute?

If you're looking just to do a quick facelift by upgrading the countertop and backsplash or rip it all out and start fresh, we can do that!

$15k+ with most being $25k+

The cost of cabinets and countertops are the biggest influences on the price of a kitchen remodel. Mattering on your selections, amount of cabinets, etc, the material aspect of the project can hit $25k+. Reach out with your vision an we will happily shoot over a general ballpark!

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Is there just one too many stains on your carpet? Do you need something waterproof because Bella is getting up in age and having accidents in the house?

Vinyl plank flooring can be a great option to solve those problems! We install floating and glue down vinyl plank flooring!

$5 - $6 per sq ft plus cost of Material

The per sq ft price can really vary from job to job. How big of a space is it? How much floor prep is needed? Will tile need demoed? Will underlayment be needed? Install quarter round or pull and reinstall baseboard? Etc.


The above range is what we've found to be the most common.


Is it time to add some color in your life? Are you sure the trim has always been that nice dirt brown color? With the kids finally gone is it time to move on from their "crazy" color choices?

If you need interior and/or exterior painting, we can do that!

$300 to $800 - One Room

$5k to $20k - Entire House

What influences the cost?

The amount of prep needed, are doors getting painted, doing a featured wall, built ins, height of the room, size of the room, etc. All influence where you'll fall in that range and sometimes it may be higher than that range. In most situations, it will fall in this range.


Handy Person

Need a leaky faucet replaced? Time to switch out those gold light fixtures? You've luckily discovered that banging noise is loose flashing, not an upset ghost?

If that to do list is growing and it's time to get some of the items marked off, we can do that!

$250 - 1 Hour - "I have one small thing"

$350 - 2 Hours - "I have a couple items"

$600 - 4 Hrs - "I have a few things on my list"

$1,000 - 8 Hrs - "I have a full day's worth of work"

Everything Else

Can you do decks, roofing, siding, windows, doors, trim, built ins, etc?


Yes we can or we know who you should contact!

Reach out about your projects and we will share our expertise with you and point you in the right direction!

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