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Meet the Team

Matt Weyand


Matt is still involved in the day to day operations of MWRR. He splits his time between sales, coaching the team, and casting the vision for MWRR.

Matt believes in continual education and will frequently be caught listening to podcasts and reading business, management, and leadership books. He is an active member of BTA (Breakthrough Academy) which is a coaching and training program for contractors.

Matt completed the certified remodeling program through NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) and is officially a Certified Remodeler. As an organization we will be pursuing accreditation through NARI.

If you get him going about business, it's hard to shut him up!

Katy Church


Katy is the one who keeps the wheels on the bus! If you've reached out to us, you're most likely talking to Katy. She makes sure clients know what to expect and is key to the MWRR Communication System.

In addition of keeping everyone in the know on what's going on, she manages our social media. Everything from the daily posts, trivia posts, and editing the videos to make Matt look as good as possible.

Katy is Awesome!

If you have a few minutes, ask her about her dogs!

Muncie part of themural.jpg

Brian Coffman

Operations Manager

Brian is key to making sure projects run as smooth as possible! You will frequently see him at the project to go over key details and inspect the work completed. Also, he works closely with our clients to assist them in making material selections.

He has decades of experience in the construction industry ranging from new home building to running his own remodeling business.

Brian loves his kids above everything else! Feel free to ask him about the latest funny story!

Kayd McDougall


Kayd is our amazing runner! He makes sure our team has what they need, before they need it! Also, he's always willing to jump in and assist where needed.

Kayd loves to drive! The only thing that beat out his passion for driving is his love for his daughter!

Feel free to ask Kayd about his lastest Gigging adventure!

Muncie part of themural.jpg
Muncie part of themural.jpg

Mike Strehlow

Warehouse Organizer

Mike brings decades of experience in helping keep our warehouse organized! When we have multiple items needed at the same time, you'll catch him in a truck running supplies to a job site. For those longer distance purchased, like Home Depot, he is always willing to go grab those items! He is incredible helpful in making sure we are ready to start jobs!

Fun fact about Mike, he plays about a million instruments!

If you get a chance, ask him about how the band is going!

Jordan Gray

Lead Tech

Jordan is an all around amazing remodeler! There's nothing he can't frame or trim! He is a key member in all of our projects that involve framing and detail finishes! 

On his time off, you'll catch him hunting or fishing!

He's a true country boy, ask him about his axe throwing skills!

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Arnael Wright

Lead Tech

Arnael knows his way around all styles of bathroom remodels! From the standard tub/surround replacements to moving fixtures and custom tile, he can do it!

Be warned, he is a talker! We've yet to find a subject he won't hold a conversation about.

You'll catch him actively involved in his kids after school activities. If you happen to be looking for a puppy, he seems to always know someone!

Ronnie Shields

Lead Tech

Ronnie has the patience of a saint! We've yet to find something that he can't figure out. In those ultra tricky situations, we send Ronnie in to figure it out!

Many people on the team think Ronnie should moonlight as a comedian. If you're needing a laugh, just strike up a conversation with Ronnie and I'm sure he will give you a chuckle!

Muncie part of themural.jpg
Muncie part of themural.jpg

Mike Nickels

Lead Tech

Mike is our swiss army knife! You'll frequently find Mike on projects that require a wide range of skill sets. His tile work is beautiful!

Mike is a family man! He's active with his children's after school activities!

Stacy Wooten


Stacy is one amazing painter! She is always finding ways to make the job go quicker without sacrificing quality! When she isn't painting, you'll catch her either laying floor like it's going out of style or observing another team member to add to her skill sets.

We hear it's rare to spot her out on the town so if you do, please snap a photo and send it to us!

She's usually at home helping take care of her grandma!

Muncie part of themural.jpg

Mia Kappler


Mia always knows what to say to make a crummy situation a little less crummy by cracking jokes. She is an excellent painter and has been showing off her skill sets doing other project types. Mia is definitely a character and is the life of any party!

If you're wanting someone's opinion on something, ask Mia. Also, don't forget to ask about her love affair with Cheetos!

Lea O'Day


Lea is extremely creative! She is great at providing ideas on how to change a space. You'll catch her either rolling walls or on a ladder cutting in! She's our main painter.

She loves all animals! If you see someone stopped by the road moving a turtle off the road, there's a good chance it's Lea!


Logan Headley


Logan is one of the newest members of our team! He's been shining as an amazing floor installer! You will catch him installing floor or being with a Lead Tech adding to his skill sets.

Logan is saving up to buy a kiln for his blacksmithing! He doesn't know it yet but Matt is secretly hoping he will learn how to make horseshoes!

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