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Spray Paint - Is It the Best Way to Add a Dash of Color?


Hey Skeeter! Thinkin’ we could use a bit more razzle-dazzle ‘round these parts. Venture on over to the shed and snag some of that paint-in-a-can magic!

I can not confirm or deny, that was the conversation that took place prior to some “razzle-dazzle” being added to this property. What I can say is, this is where my mind goes to cope when the fresh aroma of rotting meat and destruction hits my face walking into a property.

Now, take a moment and look at the first picture. No rush, I’ll wait… Notice anything missing??? Where’s the toilet seat!?! Seriously! Why would you rip off your OWN toilet seat?

It will take us longer to transform this back to a beautiful home than the previous occupants took to turn it into a wasteland! We have made some good progress and are using this as an opportunity to address some of the unusual features of the home!

First things first, we got all the debris and carpet out ASAP. This helped with the “lovely” aroma we first experienced. The back door was cut down to a non standard height. Great for making you feel tall but a pain to move things in and out of. We modified the framing and installed a standard size door.

A divider wall was built between the kitchen space and living room. The situation we have is the floor in the kitchen was level but in the living room there is a slant. Between the two spaces there was a steep ramp that went from a few inches to none.

Perfect for a kid to ramp hot wheels over but not great if you want to move about without tripping.

After investigating the substructure, we determined it wasn’t practical to completely rebuild the living room substructure and it was structural sound. The divider wall was a good solution to control the pathway in and out of the room. Now, you have to walk through an area where the floors are pretty much in plane with each other. It also serves the side benefit of being another wall to place furniture against!

The last major change we made was switching the carpet over to vinyl plank flooring. In this circumstance, glue down vinyl plank. We’ve found a product through Dal-Tile we really like! Besides serving as a way to update the home and being easier to clean. Switching over to vinyl plank flooring gives the potential of having less costly repairs in the future!

In a few more weeks with the “razzle-dazzle” of the MWRR team, this will be transformed back into a beautiful home!

If you’re wondering, what are the differences between glue down and floating vinyl plank flooring (besides one getting glued down) or when should I use one over the other? Check out our Insights & Wisdom Section!

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