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Matt’s Kitchen! Well, more like Laura’s Kitchen!


I remember it like it was 9 years ago (crazy how time flies), here I am trying to convince my soon to be wife that we should buy a house built in the 1830s with a tiny kitchen off in the corner and no real heat source on the second floor! Before I forget to mention, all the bedrooms are on the second floor. As a man with no real game, I was struggling. I was pulling out everything I could think of. “Just imagine yourself sipping coffee on this porch!” and “There’s a horse barn and you’ve always wanted to have horses!”


None of that seemed to be working. So, I quickly changed gears into bargaining. “Oh yea, we can get HVAC installed for the second floor no problem…” It just took two years and going into winter with a 4 month old. And she never let me forget, “Yea, of course we can completely redo the kitchen.”


Through the course of our 8 years at the property this space has served as a bedroom, living room, dining room, and now our kitchen!


It’s been a bumpy road to get here and as Laura reminds me nearly daily, we aren’t finished yet! We are still “debating” on what backsplash tile to go with. Once we make that decision we will determine the paint color.


I hope you enjoy the in progress pictures of the kitchen. Who knows maybe in a year or two, I will get it finished and we can share finished photos and insights on what we learned from the process. Like the saying goes, the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot!

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